These are two venues that experience reshuffle for the 2018 Asian Games

To welcome the Asian Games to be held on August 18, 2018, in Indonesia, there have been many preparations made for the smooth running of the sporting event. one of the preparations that must always be considered is the venue that will be used for the sport. You can visit website to see the venue preparation that will be used in the sporting event.

There are several venues that are indeed being prepared and renovated for the Asian Games.

– Basketball Hall
Although the structure of the building is not changed, this tank is also filled with various international standard facilities such as floors that have been renovated and adapted to international standards and a more sophisticated scoring board.

– Hockey field
This field is built to support Asian Games where hockey is one of the sports that will be played. Blue shades are evident in this venue. This makes the hockey venue look different from other venues.

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