Here Are Some Mix and Match Colors of Bags with the Right Clothing


For women, clothing is clearly something they pay attention to. However, in addition, bags become one of the things they must always pay attention to and adjust to their own clothing. The existence of a variety of ladies briefcase will make women have many choices to style with their bags and clothing.

Different types of bags with different models and colors will make many women difficult to choose. Especially if you want to customize it with the clothes they use. Here are some solid tips for matching suitable bags and clothing.

1. Playing colors
Bags with classic colors like black are indeed the choice that you can use. however, if you are going to the office, make sure that you wear clothes in neutral colors and are not too bright. This will make it easier for you to choose the bag that you will use. Usually, dark gray or blue will make your appearance look more professional and seem very classy in the office.

2. Customize accessories
You can also adjust the color of the bag with the various accessories you use. If you use clothes in white with blue shoes, then you can use a blue bag. Or if you wear a black shirt with a red belt, you can use a red bag that will fit your appearance.

3. Adjust the color of clothing
You can also choose a bag that matches the color of the clothes you use. Suppose you use a dress with a colorful floral motif, then you use a foam bag that has the same color as one of the colors on your shirt. try not to show a monotonous appearance for your appearance looks more leverage.

4. Select a safe color
If you want to use a bag with a safe color, then you can use black, dark brown, and dark blue.